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 I recently sold my home with the help of Lorne Tuplin.

I highly recommend Lorne as a realtor as he is very experienced and very knowledgeable about the current real estate market. As well,Lorne was very forthcoming about advising me on all aspects of home selling and  kept me well informed as to the status of the sale of my property.  In all areas I had complete confidence in Lorne. 

Thank  you Lorne for your excellent help.  Ione L.



We had 3 agents price out our home for sale.  The first agent said "I can get you $720,000", the second agent said "Let's start at low $700,000 and see if we can get a bidding war" and the last agent was Lorne, who said "You have a fantastic yard and garden. This increases the home value significantly and I can sell it to a garden lover for $820,000".  We were so happy that Lorne saw the value in our garden that we have put so much love into.  And guess what? He did sell it for exactly $820,000.  Thanks so much Lorne!  We also appreciated your super positive attitude and your recommendations for all the other contacts needed to complete the sale. 

C and R Van Dyk

"Lorne was recommended to us by our trusted friend and realty team in Saskatoon. From the first conversation, we could tell that Lorne was well-connected locally, detail-oriented, and very knowledgeable about about home construction & repair costs; but most importantly, he genuinely cared about what we wanted/needed in a home and did everything in his power to make it happen, while still ensuring we were making a solid investment for the future. 

We were moving from Coquitlam without knowing anything about the island and just knew that we needed to be within an hour’s drive of Victoria. We had a wish list and only a few short days to look and with only that to go on, in a very hot and very fast-moving market, Lorne lined up some incredible picks for us – making sure we made the most of our short house hunting visits to the island. 

He was on-time, organized, prepared, and always quick to point out what repairs/costs might need to be done, what the commute would be like, and what the future might hold for each neighbourhood, including resale values based on historical data and his knowledge of the market. He saved us from making a purchase that would have cost a fortune in repairs and found us the most incredible home in Sooke that checked all of our boxes and more. He had even gotten into the house before us on the possession date to do a thorough inspection and ensure the sellers left it in top condition for us. 

He is great company, a killer negotiator, and a very savvy businessman but more than anything, Lorne truly cares that you are happy with your purchase. No pressure, no expectation, and no bullshit; just genuine customer service. 

What more can we say but: HIRE THIS MAN! It will be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made."   

Thanks again for everything Lorne – can’t wait to see you again soon!


Elyse & Scott

Elyse Renouf, MBA





"Lorne is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful realtor. He dealt with all issues and concerns promptly and his experience was evident throughout the process. We greatly enjoyed our experience with Lorne and can't thank him enough for his professionalism, support and genuine concern for our sale. He is detailed and organized. Thank you Lorne - we have dealt with many realtors and would highly recommend your services anytime!

Leslie and Bill Y"




Exceptional, professional, and client-centered!  I 

can't say enough about Lorne Tuplin.  He was attentive to all our buying and relocation needs.  

When I first contacted him over two years ago with an expression of interest to move to Victoria, he quickly established search criteria for a suitable home and consistently kept me updated over several months.  When we finally moved to search for a house, he immediately made himself available and addressed all our inquiries.  Thanks to Lorne, we quickly found the perfect home and he has continued to facilitate our re-location through information about the community and services. 

We cannot thank you enough Lorne for your outstanding service and thoughtful attention. You are simply the best!       



Mr. Tuplin recently listed and sold our condominium in Colwood, 

and assisted us in finding a new home in the Greater Victoria area. He has extensive knowledge of the Housing Market and with many years of experience as a realtor.  We found him to be a reliable and honourable person to work with.  He identified properties that met our requirements and in the process he allowed us to select a suitable purchase without any pressure. Lorne responded quickly to all our enquires, and in making appointments to review properties. With patience he advised and guided us.

Lorne is a professional, extensively knowledgable realtor who will go to considerable lengths to meet your requirements. A very pleasant demeanour, Lorne was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him without hesitation.

K and K Linger




This is a letter recommending the services of Lorne Tuplin.  Our father's house had to be sold in Victoria.  He had no family left in town, the nearest son being in Saskatchewan.  Lorne went above and beyond what we could have expected from a realtor, stick handling problems that would have been very difficult for us to deal with so far away.  His knowledge of Victoria services and the market place is exceptional and his commitment to his customers is second to none.  He is a good man.  I would not hesitate to recommend or use his services again.

A Satisfied Customer,

B Brander



Lorne, it has been an absolute p

leasure having you lead us down the road of real estate. Your wealth of knowledge which can only come with numerous years of experience was priceless to us. Selling our first home was scary to us as we didn’t know what to expect. You explained everything to us and made it crystal clear. We were greatly impressed with your online marketing, with plenty of pictures, and the high quality, detailed pamphlet which was made for people to take from a showing. After going to a few open houses, and showings with you, we soon realized that this sort of excellent presentation was not “the norm”. We were always impressed that you were so easy to get a hold of on the phone, and if we sent you an email we had a response within the hour, no matter what time it was.

After missing out on what we called “our dream home” (due to us dragging our feet on listing our existing home, against your advice), you went WAY above and beyond what was expected of you to find our REAL dream home! After making some phone calls you found out the name of the contractor that built the original house we wanted, got into contact with him and found us a house that had everything we loved about the other one, and more! We ended up getting our true dream home for thousands less than the original one, and it wasn’t even on the market.

What can we say Lorne? Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have recommended you to everyone we know, which we wouldn’t do if we didn’t have full confidence in you. We doubt that we’ll ever want to sell this place, but if we do, you’ll be seeing us again.

 With sincerest thanks,
 Donn and Melissa L


We are writing this short note to highly recommend Lorne Tuplin as our trusted realtor. His knowledge and insight in marketing, selling and buying homes proved very valuable to us.    Lorne impressed us with his ability to accurately appraise our home and recommend the right offering price for the one we were buying. 

Lorne is very knowledgeable in his computer marketing techniques which actually resulted in 15 viewing taking place on the second day of our listing and a completed sale of our home within 4 days. He impressed us with his use of various marketing techniques such as his web site, e-mail resources and well designed brochures. Lorne demonstrated a strong knowledge regarding the completion of the various contracts involved in selling our home and also in the purchase of our new home. (He did pick up on a number of small but important items we would have missed) We would not hesitate to call upon Lorne again or to recommend him to others.
Tom and Noreen N


"When people ask us to recommend a real estate agent in Victoria, our answer comes quick and easily, Lorne Tuplin.  We were living in England when we first found out we were coming to Victoria a few years ago.  We started searching the MLS website for possible houses and e-mailing the listing agents for details.  Of the dozens of agents we e-mailed, Lorne was the only one who bothered to respond.  And what a response!  His computer savvy enabled him to send us full listing cuts of any house we wanted and we're sure that the only reason it took a few hours for us to receive information is because we were eight time zones away.  When it was time for our one week house hunting trip, we already had a good short list of prospective new homes.  The fantastic service didn't stop there.  For the house hunting trip itself, Lorne cleared his schedule and was able to help us find a house within four days (after a lot of viewings!).  Lorne was also able to introduce us to Victoria and familiarize us with the services available.  He sure made moving half way around the world a lot easier.  
Five years later when we decided to upgrade, we once again turned to Lorne to help us find a new house and sell our old one.  And once again, we were not disappointed.  His energy and enthusiasm have not waned.  We spotted a house on a Saturday afternoon and by Sunday night it was ours.  We then followed Lorne's excellent advice ( a little cleaning, painting and furniture placement) on how to get our old house ready to sell.  He was then able to showcase the place, using photographs and descriptive text in a pamphlet he produced himself as well as on his own and the MLS websites, that made it look so good we almost wanted to buy it ourselves!  Once we signed the listing papers, it sold in four days at 98% of our asking price!  It is obvious to us that Lorne knows the Victoria market and how to get the most out of it.
The best thing we can say about Lorne is that he is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and he has a great sense of humour.   He doesn't use gimmicks, slick slogans or cheesy sales tactics because he doesn't need to.  He is a pleasure to work with and we recommend him to anyone."
David and Ann T.


 "We are writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend Lorne Tuplin's services in marketing, selling and buying homes.   From the beginning, Lorne impressed us with his accommodating style, humour, and good knowledge base of the real estate market. 
When we were preparing to put our house on the market, Lorne provided what turned out to be a very accurate market analysis of the value of our home, and made some extremely useful suggestions about minimal and cost effective things we could do to maximize our return.   
We believe that what really sets Lorne apart is his technical savvy (e.g., he was able to show the house in its very best light on his website and brochures when selling our house, and when we were buying, was able to access web listings, and print out offers on hot properties from his car on the spot) and his very strategic marketing techniques.  As a result we would not hesitate to call upon Lorne again or to recommend him to others."
Robert and Lee



"Roy and I want to thank you sincerely for your patient, knowledgeable help in listing and selling our home. The photo tour was well done and provided an open door of necessary information to prospective buyers.

Your ability to assess the market and, thus, to establish a realistic listing price was the very TOOL that moved the sale of the house quickly.

We know that it takes a generous dose of patience to see clients through the nerve-wracking process of moving house and home; thank-you for sharing both your patience and real estate expertise."

Roy & Linda T  




"This is to thank you on behalf of my family and myself for all the extras! You have done so far beyond the "call of duty" to make this transaction a pleasant experience for all of us.

We all cherish your friendship and hope it florishes day by day in the coming future

Sincerely yours,"






"... but when we were ready to buy, the high level of service you provided started on day one - a few observations:

Your daily scanning of the new listings and faxing us details each week of homes that met the parameters we gave you made it very easy for us to select houses to view. You soon sensed what we were really looking for - this was clearly evident on the occasions when we noted ads in the paper, asked you for the details and then realized you had not faxed them to us as they were not appropriate.

You responded promptly to our requests for information or to arrange showings You demonstrated incredible patience with us as purchasers - you knew we were in no rush to move but you stuck with us.

Once we had purchased the new home, you did your market analysis in literally hours and put our current home on the market, recognizing that it would show better with the garden in full bloom. You adopted a co-operative approach to pricing our home - you listened to our views and together, we came up with a listing price that we were all happy with.

The marketing material you produced was very effective, as was the process you went through to get the word out to the realtors in Victoria. It paid off as our home sold in six days at a price that we were delighted with.

Your assistance in the negotiations on the sale were invaluable in the advice you gave on the terms of the counter offer that created a win-win situation for both us and the purchasers.

Your use of technology was a major factor in making this relationship succeed.

Lorne, we will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and business associates. We know they will be as pleased with your professionalism and sensitivity as we are. Please feel free to use our names as references to potential clients. And again, thanks for all your hard work."

 John & Wendy H.




"Lorne Tuplin, the REALTOR assigned to us for our relocation to Victoria , has provided exceptional and quality services. ...Lorne was very receptive to our wants, desires and interests. He tuned into what we were looking for in a home and found us the perfect home in a community we feel we will be very happy in. Based on the time that we could devote to looking at homes, he was diligent about scheduling all the appointments in a timely manner, meeting our travel plans. … He did a thorough analysis on homes that were “sold” in the area, which helped us make a sound offer on the house we purchased. He did an excellent job negotiating the final offer, which led to us getting the home we ultimately wanted. We were very pleased with his services and feel blessed that he was assigned to our account. He was easy to work with, efficient and customer service oriented.”

Kim. & Ian A



"I am writing this letter of recommendation with full confidence that you will find working with Lorne Tuplin to be a positive experience. He sold my home quickly, efficiently and for an excellent price. His marketing techniques are modern and beyond compare. ...In addition to being efficient at house selling, Lorne has carried himself with a strong sense of integrity… he has made the whole stressful process much more pleasant.”

Michelle A-M, Ph.D.